"Micromondo" sculpture gold pendant with precious stones and hidden treasure

Sale price€9.400,00

Over 100 hours of workmanship, multiple artisan techniques used, vision and skill coming together.

Micromondo” is born, a unique jewel in 18kt gold never made before and of which there will be no reproductions.

A natural oasis comes to life in a pendant in which arise a Volcano with Ruby, a Desert carved in cuttlefish bone, a Forest with Emeralds , a carpet of Rock and a River.

But it's not over yet..

Hidden inside the chest is a second pendant also made of 18kt gold with Opal, Emerald, Rubies, Sapphire, Tanzanite, Rhodolite and Diamonds, which can be worn separately.

Excellent materials used: 18kt yellow and natural white gold, 0.60ct rubies, 1.78ct opal, 0.21ct emeralds, 0.13ct rhodolite, 0.24ct tanzanite, 0.20ct sapphire and 0.06ct diamonds.

A collectible sculpture, into which we have infused passion and research, imagination and experience, to give a rare experience.

Complete with guarantee and box.

The chain is not included in the price.