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We want to help you create the right atmosphere for a valuable gesture like the marriage proposal. We will be at your side to make a moment so intimate even more special and indelible over time. 

We thought of giving you an unforgettable evening of romanticism, during which you could decide to offer you to your beloved or simply enjoy an evening together.

Why not do it by giving a Klepto jewel?

To come true your dreams, we will offer you a dinner to the "Righi" Star restaurant by Chef Sartini in San Marino.

Everything will start in our store.

We will follow you in the choice of the ring, showing you all our models and providing you with all the necessary technical and stylistic information, moreover, we will adapt it to your needs and requests.

Our collection of engagement rings varies from the softer lines up to the solitary lonely, all completely handmade in the Klepto laboratory.

Finally, it will be concerned to organize an evening dedicated to you.


This service is offered for lovers of our solitary silk, water, Frosty and Iceberg.


Silk It is the emblem of delicacy and comfort. The lower part is wide and has been designed to give maximum stability and comfort. The soft lines give a very refined overall effect. 


Waterfall It is characterized by an unmistakable profile. The design is modern and elegant thanks to the contrast of sinuous lines and decided at the same time. The result is a big charm ring without being too daring, perfect for framing a wonderful brilliant cut diamond.

Frosty It is a soft and welcoming solitaire with special finishes. The "satin-satin" effect that distinguishes it is made by hand in our laboratory and the final result is impact. Thanks to this technique, the light games that are created between ring and diamond are surprising.


THECererg It is the material ring par excellence, characterized by ispis shapes carved by hand inspired by an ice block.The processing technique is very special, the shapes are created shaping a block of wax with techniques and craftsmanship that is subsequently melted in white or pink gold. From this engagement ring the determination of a particular and innovative design transpires. 


For any information about it you can contact us at 0549 991905 or send an email to

To view the Klepto solitary models on the site Click here. 

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