Silnova® Silver Pendant "Pirate Jack" with rose gold and Emerald details

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"Pirate Jack" pendant made in 925 Silnova® silver and 18 kt rose gold.

Jack's face handcrafted from wax.

A few years ago, master Massimo Casadei enjoyed modeling three pirate faces, today he is no longer with us, but having discovered some waxes in our laboratory, we melted them in Silnova silver and took care of some details, the eyes became two Emeralds, while the eyebrows and one tooth have turned into 18kt rose gold. 

The marked shapes that animate the face, the chiaroscuro given by the black oxidation, the details in gold and the precious stones convey special sensations with an artisan flavour. A real sculpture to wear.  

Brown rope with gold ending and carabiner about 45cm long.

San Marino Artistic Craftsmanship. 

Complete with box and certificate of guarantee.