Welcome to Wonderland

Welcome to Wonderland

Fall into the enchanting Wonderland, where everything is possible! 

The collection dedicated to San Marino Comics 2023 is made up of six creations inspired by the magical world of "Alice in Wonderland".

The Comics event is always an opportunity to unleash our creative juices, step outside the lines and create real wearable sculptures.

The atmosphere of the laboratory blends with that of the fantasy world, creating the perfect habitat to create something unique.

The Cheshire Cat, The Caterpillar, The Mr Lock, the Queen's Cards, l’White Rabbit Clock and of Talking Flowers they are the characters from the iconic story that come to life in this exclusive capsule.

- The Cheshire Cat has a permanent smile, an extravagant and mischievous personality:
It is a necklace in Silnova 925 Silver with details in 18 kt yellow gold and yellow sapphires,  on the back a famous phrase taken from the historic story has been hand-engraved: "We're all mad here".
- The Caterpillar is of few words, shy and sensitive, always intent on smoking a long hookah in silence:
It is a bracelet in Silnova 925 Silver with a leather strap, convertible into a pendant.
- The Mr Lock he is terribly lazy, always wants to sleep and what's more he snores:
It is a pendant in Silnova 925 Silver with Tzavorites.
- The Cards are the soldiers which make up the army of the Queen of Hearts and they have the task of protecting her at all costs:
They are asymmetric lobe earrings in Silnova 925 Silver.
- The White Rabbit Clock :
It is a 925 Silnova Silver pendant with 18 kt yellow gold details, also in this case it was engraved by hand.on the back a famous phrase taken from the story: "How long is forever?".
- The Talking Flowers which Alice comes across while wandering the enchanted land into which she has fallen:
They are pendant earrings in 925 Silnova Silver and 18 kt yellow gold details.

 All sculptures are entirely handmade in our laboratory using excellent materials and passion, just the way we like it.

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