The emotional value of precious stones

Il valore emozionale delle pietre preziose

Gemstones have a deep and personal emotional meaning, capable of evoking emotions, memories and sensations. 

Bearers of beauty, stones are witnesses of a history that often originates far away and leads us to fascinating cultures.


The sense of the rare and the beautiful is contained in a "little piece" of crystallized planet, which takes on the colors of life.

Every shade of colour, shape and cut resonates as a value in the scale of uniqueness.

The same "imperfections" make the stones special and unrepeatable.


Each stone has peculiar and unique characteristics, which can take on multiple meanings. 

The Rubino it is often associated with passionate love and vitality.

It Sapphire it can represent wisdom and serenity.

It Emerald symbolizes hope, rebirth and growth.

L'Aquamarine it is often linked to calm and mental clarity.

L'Amethyst can symbolize protection and spirituality.


Gemstones can also be associated with specific birth months or zodiac signs, adding even more intimate meaning.

Additionally, many attribute healing or energetic properties to gemstones, believing that they can positively influence physical and mental well-being. 

In general, the emotional value of stones can vary widely from person to person. What makes a stone special to someone may not have the same meaning to another person as influenced by personal experiences, cultural beliefs and family traditions.


However, these gems have the power to inspire and create deep emotional bonds with those who own them.

This is why talking about stones limiting themselves to the material aspect is extremely reductive, they are much more:

Precious stones are beauty, culture, charm, magic, history and a thousand other emotions.

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