Suggestions of Blue

Suggestioni di Blu

The blue color evokes a range of suggestions that enchant and fascinate the eye and the mind. When it comes to gemstones, two gems that stand out for their enchanting blue hue are sapphire and tanzanite. Both of these stones are admired for their beauty and ability to capture the imagination.


Sapphire, with its deep and intense blue, evokes a feeling of majesty and serenity. This gemstone has been associated with nobility and power since ancient times. Kings and queens often wore sapphire jewelry to symbolize their authority and status. The deep blue of sapphire also represents wisdom and spirituality, creating a sense of tranquility and inner depth. It's hard to resist the mysterious allure of a dark blue sapphire that shines with an inner light.


On the other hand, tanzanite, a relatively newer gemstone, offers a more lively and vibrant blue. This precious stone was discovered only in 1967 in Tanzania and immediately became popular due to its extraordinary beauty. The deep blue color of tanzanite can range from midnight blue to dark purple, creating a feeling of depth and mystery. Its unique and multifaceted hue catches the eye and gives a feeling of elegance and sophistication.

Both sapphire and tanzanite, with their beautiful blue, are associated with calmness, inner peace and balance. These gemstones have the ability to transport us to distant places, such as the crystal clear waters of the ocean or the starry night sky. Blue also represents trust, loyalty and harmony, creating a sense of emotional connection with the wearer.


Wearing a blue gemstone like sapphire or tanzanite can be a way to express your personality and style. In conclusion, the suggestions of the blue color in precious stones such as sapphire and tanzanite evoke a sense of depth, serenity and beauty. These gemstones are a symbol of power, wisdom and emotional connection. Wearing them is a way to embrace their energy and marvel at their stunning beauty that mesmerizes the eye and nourishes the soul.


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