The handcrafted jewel, the Klepto jewel

Il gioiello artigianale, il gioiello Klepto

In Klepto's workshop, craftsmanship reigns supreme. It is a sacred place where passion and dedication to one's craft merge with artisan skills to create true sculptures to wear.

Making precious jewelry completely by hand is our strength, it is the feature that most distinguishes us and of which we are incredibly proud. Klepto's workshop is not only a place where we give free rein to the most bizarre ideas, it represents our culture, our family and our identity. The attention to detail is maniacal: the care with which we select the precious stones, the processing of the jewelry often made ad hoc for the customer, up to the finished product ready to be worn, is essential to ensure a very high level of quality.

The search for the"beautiful" and the"new" pushes us to constantly refine our knowledge and our techniques in order to amaze our customers once again.

The exclusivity and uniqueness of all our Klepto jewels have allowed us to get closer to all those who, just like us, feel the need to stand out and show off the best part of themselves. This has allowed us to build a relationship based on trust and exchange of ideas with our customers, to whom we tailor-made jewelry, paying particular attention to their needs.