The new classics by Klepto with Tourmaline Paraiba

I nuovi classici by Klepto con Tormaline Paraiba


The Wonders of the Paraiba Tourmaline: A Journey into the Heart of the Most Fascinating Gem

Paraiba tourmalines are among the most enchanting and rare gems in the world, celebrated for their vibrant color and extraordinary luster. Discovered relatively recently, these gems have quickly gained a place of honor in the world of fine jewelry. Let's explore together the characteristics that make Paraiba Tourmaline unique and discover how high-level artisans transform these precious stones into jewelery masterpieces.

The Discovery and Rarity of Paraiba Tourmaline

Paraiba Tourmaline was discovered in the 1980s in Brazil, in the state of Paraiba, from which it takes its name. What immediately sets it apart from other tourmalines is its striking blue-green color, often described as "neon". This unique color is due to the presence of traces of copper in its chemical structure, a rare element that gives the stone a brilliance that almost seems to emanate its own light.

The Rarity of Paraiba Tourmaline

Paraiba Tourmaline is extremely rare, and this rarity significantly increases its value. Here are some reasons that contribute to its rarity:

  1. Limited Geographic Availability:

    • The first Paraiba Tourmaline mines were discovered in Brazil, in a very small area of ​​the state of Paraiba. Despite subsequent discoveries in Nigeria and Mozambique, Brazilian stones remain the most valuable. The limited availability of these mines and the difficulty in extracting the stones increase their rarity.
  2. Dimensions and Quality:

    • Large, high-quality Paraiba Tourmalines are particularly rare. Most mined gems are small in size, and finding a large stone with intense coloration and high clarity is extremely difficult. This makes higher quality gemstones incredibly valuable.
  3. High Demand:

    • Paraiba Tourmaline is highly sought after in the luxury jewelry market. Its unique beauty and rarity make it one of the most desired gems by collectors and enthusiasts. High demand, combined with limited supply, helps increase its value.
  4. Difficult Extraction:

    • The extraction of Paraiba Tourmaline is a complex and expensive process. The veins of these gems are thin and difficult to detect, requiring advanced extraction techniques and a lot of manpower. This makes the production of Paraiba Tourmaline not only limited, but also expensive.

Distinctive Characteristics of Paraiba Tourmaline

  • Unique Color: Paraiba Tourmaline is famous for its intense blue-green color, which varies from turquoise to electric blue. This vivid coloration is caused by copper and, in some cases, also by manganese.

  • Extraordinary brightness: Thanks to its chemical composition, Paraiba Tourmaline reflects light in an exceptional way, creating a "neon" effect that seems to make the gem shine from within.

  • Rarity and Value: The combination of unique color and brilliance makes Paraiba Tourmaline one of the most precious gems on the market. Its rarity further increases its value, making it a precious investment as well as a jewel of rare beauty.


Craftsmanship and Exclusivity: The Essence of Klepto

In the Klepto laboratory, each jewel is the result of hours of meticulous work and dedication. Our artisans use traditional techniques honed over time, combining them with modern innovations to create pieces that are both classic and contemporary. The Paraiba Tourmaline pendant and ring have been crafted with extraordinary precision and attention to detail, ensuring each gem is perfectly positioned to catch the light from every angle.

The most fascinating aspect of these jewels is their uniqueness. Each Klepto creation is a unique, non-replicable piece, which gives the wearer an unparalleled sense of exclusivity. The Paraiba Tourmaline pendant and ring are no exception; they are intended for those looking for something truly special.

Wearing a Klepto San Marino jewel means carrying with you a piece of art, history and passion. The pendant and ring with diamonds and Paraiba Tourmaline are testimony to the extraordinary beauty of nature and human mastery. These jewels tell a story of timeless elegance and precious art that continues to live on in Klepto's workshop.

Discover the classic ring and pendant by Klepto with Paraiba.