The necklaces inspired by nature...

I collier ispirati dalla natura..

To celebrate the beauty we thought to create 3 necklaces with gold and selected stones.

As per our tradition we were inspired by nature, leaves, flowers, insects and heavenly bodies.

We forged 18kt white or yellow gold creating sinuous lines that meet with more decisive strokes to achieve the balance between sweetness and grit.

The wavy and flexible necklace was designed a few years ago by Massimo and seemed perfect for the occasion.

They are jewelry designed for our customers who, like us, are looking for the "new", feel the need to stand out and want to wear an exclusive piece.

Uniqueness is the main element that characterizes the three pendants. Although they come from the same source of inspiration, they are distinguished by the meticulous choice of precious stones and the details that distinguish them.

The Emerald Green gives off energy, the Golden Australian Pearl is pure elegance and the Turquoise gives a cascade of vibrant colour.

There are no limits for those who want to dare, but always with style.

He is wearing a sculpture.

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