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bunker | Eau de Parfum | 100mL

Bunker is inspired by the Klepto laboratory.

The Klepto laboratory is located underground, sheltered from sunlight and thus Bunker was born.

Bunker is a place that frightens but fascinates, from here real sculptures to wear come to life every day. What may initially seem disturbing, turns out to be a precious place where you can express yourself freely and where you can give free rein to your art.

In the bunker there are no prejudices, schemes, rules, but it is a protected place where anyone is encouraged to create and express their art.

It is a fragrance in constant movement, overwhelming, dark, fresh, then warm and enveloping, intimate, smoky, moist, earthy, woody, waxy and the rest ...

The rest depends on your perception ...

We are curious to know what you feel in it.

The bottles were decorated inside the Klepto laboratory.