Wedding rings and Klepto Experience

We are waiting for you in the ancient land of freedom where you can start building your dream.

A day between the walls of San Marino to create your faiths, forged entirely by hand.

You will enter our magical world: the Klepto laboratory.


You will be our guests for lunch in the wonderful historic center of San Marino, where you can walk and enjoy Monte Titano and its treasures.

Pieve San Marino

After lunch we will return together in the laboratory where we will show you the realization process of the wedding rings, to end up with the engraving of your faiths.

 Watch the video of this wonderful experience

The price?

Complete with reception, lunch and naturally 18kt gold rings starting from 1,000 euros

How to do:

Click on the link, fill out the ultraveloce form and you will be contacted without obligation for any information.