The classics revisited Klepto

I classici rivisitati Klepto

On the occasion of the festivities we have created a collection of rings with precious stones and diamonds really amazing.

We want to win you over with our classics, obviously revisited in the Klepto style.

Even our "classic" rings have something different, they are designed starting from stone, around which we create original shapes using only excellent materials.

Each creation is unique and is not duplicated, the ring worked entirely in the Klepto workshop, inside the walls of the historic center of San Marino.

After numerous stages of processing from the choice of stones, design, forging, setting and polishing, the hands of skilled craftsmen reveal the magic and what you see is the result of so much passion and commitment.

We have recreated the magic of Christmas through the play of lights and colours of Diamonds, Tanzanite and Sapphires. These precious little objects shine their own light.

Discover the collection...

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